Registration (Winter 15s)

2017/2018 Winter 15s • Registration Process:

Process Item Description Link
Get Started Online Information Form Please complete the linked electronic form. When you have completed all of the fields on all pages, please choose "Submit" at the bottom of the form. Clicking "Submit" indicates you are delivering your registration information to our Registration team for processing. After completing the form, please return to this page and continue the registration process. Player Information Form
Step 1 Birth Certificate All New registrations must be accompanied by a clear, legible copy or image of the athlete's birth certificate. (Returning players, may skip this step.) Digital image or .pdf maybe submitted via email. email to
Step 2 School ID All registrations, MS and above, must be accompanied by a clear image of the athlete's school ID. A clear, well lit, smart phone image may be submitted via email. email to
Step 3 Residency All registrations must be accompanied by a clear image of a mailed bill (utility, cable, etc.) that indicates the athlete's home residence with family name and address clearly visible. Financial information may be redacted for privacy. A clear, well lit, smart phone image may be submitted via email. email to
Step 4 Fees All registration fees must be paid in full or a deposit amount submitted with a signed "Dues Payment Contract." ($225/Youth, $250/MS, $275/HS) You may pay the registration fee by cash or check at one of our rugby events or you may pay by credit or debit card in the section (below).  (NOTE: Deposits using the "Dues Payment Contract" must be paid via cash or check.) Dues Contract
Step 5 Preparing for Submission Review the forms linked to the right. Your signed "Signature Form" (below) will indicate that you have reviewed all eight forms.  You DO NOT have to submit individually signed forms. EGU Permission Waiver
• EGU Player Conduct Code
• EGU Parent Conduct Code
• EGU Medical Authorization
• USA Rugby Participation
• Head's Up Concussion
• Rugby NorCal Media
HIPAA Consent to Treat
Step 6 Signature Form All registrations must SIGN and SUBMIT this form.Print and complete this form and submit it with your other registration documents (electronically via email or in person at one of our rugby events. Signature Form
Step 7 Final Steps After reviewing the linked forms and signing the "Signature Form", gather your documents (birth certificate and/or school ID card images), including your "Signature Form", and submit them electronically via email or in person at one of our rugby events.  Payments can be made via credit card using the link below or in person at one of our rugby events using cash or check.

Online Payment:

To complete your payment online with a credit/debt card, please use the payment window below. Enter the player(s) name associated with the registration in the ‘Special Instructions’ section. All credit/debt charges are processed with a nominal fee. Please save your receipt and submit it to the Registration Manager to confirm your registration has been paid.

Registration Type
Player First Name
Player Last Name

* Registering Multiple Players: Enter the first player and click “Add to Cart” which will open a PayPal window. Return to this screen and add additional players choosing “Add to Cart” for each. Each time you choose “Add to Cart” the PayPal window will automatically update.
† Shipping Fee: All credit card payments will be charged a $7.50 fee (labeled “Shipping”) for online processing.

Completing your Registration:

REMEMBER: To complete your registration, please bring your identification documents to our next practice or event. At that time, you may submit your “Signature Form,” cash or check payment and any other documents to our Registration Manager or Board Member. The Registration Manager will confirm the status of your registration and any future steps that may be needed. Thank You.
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