We hope to make your registration process as fluid as possible. We attempted to answer your questions before you asked them. If we did no answer your question, please feel free to contact us at ( for further assistance.


*Currently closed*

Registration Period Begin End
Regular Registration November December
Late Registration* January 1 January 15
 *Registering "late" may incur additional fees.


*Currently closed*

Registration Period Begin End
Regular Registration April May
Late Registration* June June
 *Registering "late" may incur additional fees.

Frequently Asked Questions
# Questions Answer
1 Can I give rugby a try before registering? Yes, we love having new players come out and" rugby a try." Ironically, a score in rugby is called a try. Please print and complete our waiver form before visiting. When you come out, please bring your signed waiver, cleats, comfortable clothing, willingness to learn and a desire to have some fun.
2 Can I make payments for my registration fees? We do offer a Payment Plan to families in need. The plan allows flexible payments spread over the season. Please print the "Payment Plan" form and contact Mark Welsh ( for more information.
3 What do registration fees cover? To sponsor competition, we must cover a range of fees. We must pay for fields, lights, registration with USA Rugby and Rugby NorCal as well as uniforms and other expenses. We are a non-profit entity run completely by our volunteers.
4 What if I don't own a scanner? If you cannot scan your documents, please contact us ( and let us know. We can help and are more than happy to accommodate you. Note: You will eventually need to bring in clear copy of your birth certificate(s) and your student(s) actual school ID card for those to be copied.
5 How long will the registration process take? After you have submitted our online form, your submit your payment and submit your documents, it will take no longer than a few days to process your registration. Make sure to check in with our Registration table to confirm that your Registration process has been completed.
6 Are there any other things necessary to complete the registration process? Yes, we need to take a heat shot photograph of every registered player. That image is submitted to Rugby NorCal as a means of identifying players before competition and with the state rugby organization. All players must be certified before competition.

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