Summer 7s

2014.10.7splayingSummer 7s is a season within a season.

The traditional 15s season runs from January through April/May. In June and July, the focus shifts from the larger game to the fast-paced game of Rugby 7s.

Rugby 7s is the same game as traditional rugby but played with 7 players on each team rather than 15.  The action is fast and the game is intense. Its popularity is exploding worldwide. This version of rugby will be featured in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Summer 7s has a separate registration process, and the cost is considerably less than the traditional season. Practice usually continues twice per week. Competition is completely contained within weekly tournaments. There is also an All-Stars component to Summer 7s for players that excel in the game.

If you are interested in participating in Summer 7s, ask any coach or board member for more information.

Go United!