Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in this country. Due to its rate of growth, there are often more new players and families at the rugby pitch than seasoned ones. This phenomenon is creating a knowledge vacuum. Here are some commonly asked questions.

# Question Answer
1 Where will practices and games be held? We have three fields that we utilize throughout the season. During the preseason, we practice at Elk Grove Regional Park on the southern most softball fields. During the season our home field for practices and games is Nottoli field in Laguna West off Elk Grove Blvd. In the case of inclement weather, we often utilize the artificial turf fields at Bartholomew Sports Complex near Franklin High School.
2 How often and what time will practices be held? Practices will be held 2 to 3 days per week. Most practices are 2 hours long and most often on one of our lit fields in Elk Grove.
3 When will practices begin? Training will officially begin in December.
4 When is the rugby season? All teams begin competition in January. U12s conclude in mid-March.MS concludes mid-April.HS concludes mid-May.
5 Is rugby dangerous? Rugby is a contact sport. Compared to football, it is statistically safer. Rugby players seem to accumulate more minor bumps and bruises than most sports but fewer of the big injuries than football players. The lack of padding ironically makes for safer collisions. More time is spent teaching contact for safety. In addition, football has 11 players colliding each play while rugby only has a few which are focused around the ball.
6 Did rugby come from football? No. In fact, the opposite is true. Rugby is a derivative of soccer and football is a derivative of rugby.
7 Is the rugby pitch the same as a football field? The rugby pitch is larger than a football field. The rugby pitch is the same size as a soccer field.
8 What if I don't know anything about rugby? Rugby is new to most people in the United States. So come on out! Our goal is to teach and share the game with everyone.
9 Is there a game schedule for the season? Yes, but the schedule is often delayed and can change mid-season. Youth rugby is an emerging sport in this country. Each year programs spring up while other fold. This makes publishing a schedule early in the year virtually impossible for our organizing body. The closer the season gets, the more solid the schedule becomes. Luckily, the scheduling process improves each year.
10 What is Rugby 7s? Rugby 7s is a variation of the traditional 15 a-side game. Almost all other rules and aspects of the game are the same. The 7s game is faster paced and higher scoring, making it very exciting. That is one of the reasons it will be featured in the next Olympics.
11 What equipment will I need to play? A rugger needs to bring a strapless mouthpiece and cleats. A uniform of shorts and a jersey will be provided. Cleats may not have a "toe cleat" making most football cleats illegal.  Some players elect to wear a padded vest under their jersey and some choose to wear rugby caps for extra head protection.
12 Do you have teams for HS girls or younger kids? The 2017 Season was our first inaugural season for girls rugby in Elk Grove, CA. We hosted our first MS girls team. We hope to grow that enthusiasm into multiple girls team in the near future. Youth divisions below MS are all co-ed divisions so we currently host girls competition for girls 8th grade and below. The 2018 season just may bring us our first HS Girls team in Elk Grove! Stay tuned.
13 What are the age ranges for your 2018 youth teams? Players born on or after 1-Sep-2007 are eligible to play U10s and players born on or after 1-Sep-2005 are eligible to play U12s.