Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Policy
Playing a winter sports demands a policy dictating how “inclement weather” will be handled when scheduling events. The rule of thumb to remember is that weather doesn’t cancel rugby. We play rugby and the weather does what it does. However there are factors that will cancel, limit or alter practices and matches. The following policy will be used by our program when inclement weather is expected. 

Alerts and Communication:
When we expect inclement weather, we will announce our concerns, 1-3 days prior, on our website using this symbol. []  When you see [] next to and event, it signifies that the event has the potential to be altered by weather. Once a decision has been made regarding that particular event, we will announce that decision via email, Twitter and on our website. Unfortunately, the decision regarding events are usually last minute due to many factors beyond our control. This is especially true when we must also communicate with other programs. 

Our fields are subject to close due to weather. The status regarding the field is the single largest factor we wait for in determining how we can proceed with our event. The information regarding the availability of our field is not available until 2:00pm the day in question. That can make planning inconvenient. For every inclement weather event, we will expeditiously announce our decision regarding that event once the field status has been published. Our goal is to publish a decision by 3:00pm on the day of the event.

Possible Inclement Weather Scenarios:

1. Rain…. what rain?
Some days we will practice and we will get wet.  Do not assume that a rainy day means the fields are closed. Please check your email and our website to stay up to date.
2. Modified/Conditioning Practice
When the fields are closed, many days we will make the best of it. On these days plan to run, train and work hard and yes.. you will get wet. On these days, please bring both your cleats and your tennis shoes allowing you to train on multiple surfaces. Be flexible and bring a towel and a pair of dry clothes for the car ride home.
3. Change of Venue
Some days the natural grass fields are closed but we may be able to secure Bartholomew Sports Park as an alternate field. This will almost always be a last minute change of plans but an outstanding back up option. In this case, expect a normally scheduled practice/match on the artificial field. 
4. Cancellation
When it is unsafe to play, no field is available or another team calls off a match, we will notify everyone about the cancellation via email, Twitter and on our website. Unfortunately, these cancellations will often be last minute. Programs will often work very hard and until the last minute to find alternate fields when the weather is a factor. We will publish announcements as early as possible in those situations.